The Informed Choice: Cosmetic Surgery Consulting

A nose job, medically known as rhinoplasty, is one of the most difficult of all cosmetic surgery procedures because it is usually performed from the inside. It also can have some of the most unpredictable results because so many aspects have to work well together—the nose must remain functional (after all, you have to breathe!), and the bone, cartilage, tissue and skin must all heal well together to produce the desired shape. Due to these factors, one in five patients do end up having some type of revision or follow-up surgery to the initial nose job.

223,018 people had their noses reshaped last year at an average cost of $4,357 (surgeon fee only).

Statistics are courtesy of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

A nose job was the first cosmetic surgery I ever had done at age 22, and I have never regretted it! I started out with a wide, flat nose that really did not flatter the rest of my face. When I began working as a model, my agent recommended I have the procedure, and I began the research that would eventually launch my consulting career. From experience, one thing I want to caution all patients to remember is that it takes quite a while (up to 18 months) to see the final results and have your new nose revealed—but believe me, it's worth being patient!

Always remember, any surgical procedure carries risks, so be an informed patient!

These before and after pictures of our clients were provided courtesy of several excellent surgeons (and with permission of the patients).


Thank you for all your concern and help in dealing with the many problems consequent to my face lift. You have given me both comfort and strength and just at the time when I needed them most! I only wish I had known about you and services before my procedure!

L.Z., San Diego, CA