The Informed Choice: Cosmetic Surgery Consulting

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is one of the most popular procedures and has a very high success rate—just about all patients love their new breasts! Other procedures people are having done include breast reduction (both female and male) and breast lift.

Last year, 29.0467 breast augmentations were done. There are also 101,264 breast lifts, 39,148 breast reductions in women and nearly 28,000 gynecomastia treatments (male breast reduction)

The average breast augmentation cost (surgeon fee only) is $3,690 for saline and $4,087 for silicone while breast lifts are $4,885 and breast reductions are $5,417.


Statistics are courtesy of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

My breast aug was the second surgery that I had done, and it’s my favorite to this day! Growing up, I was so jealous when my friends started developing breasts. I was obsessed about how flat my chest was compared with the other girls! I was too young to do anything about it then, but once I began modeling, I got a recommendation for a terrific surgeon and made that dream come true. My new breasts filled out those strappy gowns, made me feel sexier than ever, and helped earn me more money doing lingerie modeling.

Always remember, any surgical procedure carries risks, so be an informed patient!

These before and after pictures of our clients were provided courtesy of several excellent surgeons (and with permission of the patients).


Thank you for all your concern and help in dealing with the many problems consequent to my face lift. You have given me both comfort and strength and just at the time when I needed them most! I only wish I had known about you and services before my procedure!

L.Z., San Diego, CA