The Informed Choice: Cosmetic Surgery Consulting

About Carol Martin

Meet Nationally Recognized Cosmetic Surgery Expert Carol Martin

“Since I began consulting in 1995,” Carol says, “I’ve learned that just about anyone might have cosmetic surgery – not just celebrities but executives, people in politics, school teachers, and stay-at-home moms. It’s become easier, safer, and more affordable than ever for everyone.”

Carol has seen the transformation of cosmetic surgery first-hand over the past 20 years, from something only the rich and famous could do, to a beauty aid available to just about anyone. “When I had my nose done,” Carol recalls, “I spent three days in the hospital. Now it’s outpatient surgery and you’re in and out in 5 hours! The techniques just keep improving.” And prices today are not much different from what they were in the early 1980s.

Over the last 20 years – as a fashion model, actor, and finally a cosmetic surgery consultant – Carol Martin has observed up close the results of a range of excellent, mediocre, and unacceptable cosmetic operations. When it was her turn, these experiences helped her make more informed and realistic choices about what she wanted her cosmetic surgery to achieve. Carol spent long hours personally researching options, talking to doctors and patients, finding out about current procedures, and so on.

Carol became a nationally recognized cosmetic surgery expert, and in 1995 founded The Informed Choice to help people who need the knowledge she possesses. What she learned along the way is the foundation of Carol’s consulting services. She also has a perspective unique to those who offer such advice, as she has been a satisfied patient many times. Take advantage of Carol’s vast experience to give you “patient power” and make your cosmetic surgery procedure worry-free.