The Informed Choice: Cosmetic Surgery Consulting

About Carol

A consultation with Carol Martin arms you with the facts and answers to questions you didn't know to ask yourself.

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Considering Cosmetic Surgery?

Then think about a personalized service that caters to your needs. The Informed Choice, founded by cosmetic surgery and beauty consultant Carol Martin, provides the answers you need to make it easier, safer, and more satisfying to get what you want!

Are you a busy executive who will need to get back in public quickly after surgery? Are you very private and want to keep your surgery discrete? Perhaps you’ve already had some procedures and just want to talk, get an unbiased opinion about your next step, and get referrals to top surgeons.

No matter who you are or what you want done, Carol Martin can help you navigate the complex choices involved to make sure you have a satisfying and safe experience. Not only has she consulted with thousands of clients and conferred with top surgeons, but she has been a patient many times over. Unlike some consultants with a procedure or two under their belts, Carol has had a dozen surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures!

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